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A great “little” God-thing from this week I’d like to share. There is a kitchen appliance called a Vita-mix. It is a high speed blender that can break open the cell wall of foods, releasing their nutrition, can make nut butters, grind rice into flour, etc. With Jordan’s special diet needs, it would be SO helpful in my kitchen, save time and money and be able to make foods that have greater nutrition in them (IF I can just get Jordan to eat them…hmmm). I researched them, checked them out on e-bay, dreamed for awhile and gave up on it as WAY to expensive. But as I gave up on it, in an off-handed way prayed, “Well, God, if you want me to have one, you’ll just have to give it to me somehow” (or something like that). Fast forward a month or two…In-laws visit. mom sees the process I go through in order to make some of Jordan’s food. conversations about better ways to do it take place. she goes home and comments to a friend that I could really use a Vita-mix. friend had a conversation with a neighbor the week before about how neighbor got a Vita-mix and only has used it a few times. friend said “if you ever want to get rid of it let me know I’ll buy it off of you”. neighbor said “I could really use the money”. mom makes above comment to friend about how I could really use a V-M. friend thinks “hmmm…I have one in my garage, THAT’s why that conversation with neighbor took place”. friend puts it in the mail insured for $500.  It should arrive Wednesday!!!! A little thing to God…huge to me, it’s not just the convenience of an appliance; it’s a message of God’s love and care for ME in the midst of unknowns.


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With all the learning about toxins that has happened over the past two years, I’ve become reluctant to give my boys cold medicines when they become sick. I started taking the wait it out approach. However, the last couple times they’ve gotten sick it has gotten kind of bad – mucousy and congestion in their lungs. After a few days of it getting worse and worse, rather than better, I start to question my wisdom of not giving them medicine. And it only takes one or two nights of them being up most of the night, completely miserable (and then cranky all the following day ) for me to want to wave the white surrender flag and give in to giving them medication. But, with all the other work I’m doing through nutrition and everything else to keep toxins OUT of Jordan’s system, I just can’t stand to intentionally put some into him. So, what to do…Jordan was pretty sick, very congested – head AND chest. We have a D.O. for our family doctor who likes to use homeopathic things when she can, so I thought I’d call and see what she would suggest in place of an over-the-counter cough med. All I got was an earful (literal yelling – not at me, but at her nurse in regards to me) about how she would have to see him and evaluate him and what in the world was I thinking not bringing him in, but calling instead, blah, blah, blah… Well, in my mind, how was coming in going to help? I’m telling you, he’s congested, but it’s not THAT serious. I’m just looking for a natural expectorant (stuff that thins the mucous so it can be coughed out), something instead of toxic pharmaceuticals. If I brought him in, she is just going to say antibiotics won’t help and to go home, he’d be better in a few days. In reality, it would take him about 2 weeks to get better, but hey, who’s counting she’s not the one up rocking him every night, ALL night (can you tell we’ve already been down this road a few times). Which is fine, because even if she did think antibiotics would help, I wouldn’t give them to him anyway. We are already fighting the yeast war in his body and don’t need any antibiotics to make it worse and weaken him further, or add more toxicity as I mentioned earlier.

So, getting no help from the doctor once again, I turned to herbs. I had had my eye on a  herb book for kids, The ABC Herbal by Steven Horne. I started perusing. Although much of the book contains “recipes” for making different concoctions for treating various things. I came across a section on infections. It talked about garlic being nature’s penicillin with “powerful infection-fighting qualities” and how it can be very beneficial for colds, respiratory problems, earaches and infections, fevers, other infections, etc and how it helps to expel phlegm. Well, phlegm expulsion is definitely what my boys needed and I had garlic on hand! Not knowing much (or anything) about herbs, I didn’t quite understand how I was suppose to use the garlic, but I did read that it could be used internally OR externally. So that night at bedtime, I got out the jar of minced garlic we keep in the fridge (we love to cook with garlic), put some in a small container and as we tucked them into bed, I smeared some garlic on their chests and thighs. The next morning, Josiah was basically better, just a slight lingering cough. Jordan rebounded after a few more nights of this treatment. Although it worked, I wouldn’t recommend doing it with this method. I’ll explain…

A few weeks later, the boys got sick again and it coincided with a trip to Jordan’s cranial sacral doctor. He recommended chopping up an organic clove of garlic and soaking it in olive oil = this makes garlic oil. Then take the garlic oil and spread it on the bottoms of their feet. I mentioned I had tried something very similar but had put it on their thighs, he quickly commented that if they did fine with it on their thighs, that it would be fine to put it directly on their chest then. Whew, that’s good since I already had. Again, it only took one night of this for Josiah to be over his cold and congestion. And about 3-4 nights for Jordan. This is way better than the two weeks it had traditionally taken AND it’s all natural and completely non-toxic!!

Additional Note:  An experiment I found interesting…in his book, Steven Horne related an experiment a nurse did. Here is an excerpt. “She worked in a hospital growing bacterial cultures and proved to herself the powerful effect of garlic. She took a petri dish with a very powerful strain of bacteria and set a peeled clove of garlic in the center of the dish.  Within two hours, every bacteria in the dish was dead. She told me ( Steven) that it took eight hours for the strongest antibiotic the hospital had to kill that same strain of bacteria when the antibiotic was sprayed over the whole plate.  That shows you how penetrating the effects of garlic are.”

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Jordan won’t be 2 for a few more days and Josiah still has 3 weeks until he’s 4, but we celebrated Monday since the grandparents were visiting. What does a birthday party look like without dairy, wheat,food coloring, eggs, yeast, honey, and minimal sugar? Well, it was GREAT! It took a bit of planning ahead of time, and keeping my eye out for something he might actually enjoy. He has yet to eat a gluten-free baked item. He takes one bite and spits it out – even things I consider quite good. So, I happily finish off his blueberry muffins and sweet potato biscuits (they taste like a pumpkin spice cookie/muffin cross!). However, I didn’t go to all that work making these special things for my enjoyment. And, with his birthday fast approaching, what was I going to make for his birthday dessert? And, with grandpa and grandma here, it must be something people with normal eating habits would enjoy too…that’s a tall order. Grandma is known across their region of the midwest for her wonderful homemade pies and other such delectables. And grandpa is a self-proclaimed beef and white potatos man, oh, and don’t forget ice-cream conossier! So, the way we eat here, well, not so much to their liking. But, we have a birthday party coming…so I started with what Jordan LOVES – berries – and went from there.

Just in case the food was a flop, I thought I’d get some decorations this year. We usually do birthdays REALLY simple: normal dinner, special birthday dessert, presents. I pull out the birthday candles that are still in the cupboard from last year (well, actually the last 4 years), and that is the sum total of our birthday celebration. But, this year just in case we didn’t have food to help us celebrate, I bought some balloons, foil stars to decorate the table with, streamers, plates and napkins with balloon on them, and a candle in the shape of a “2” and “4”. Jordan LOVES balloons! And they’re 1/3 of the cost of all the Disney or cartoon character decorations! Ok, so I only spent $7 or $8 dollars for all this, but for us, this constitutes going all out!

Back to the food, particularly, the dessert. I saw a recipe for biscuits that can be adapted for shortcake, so thought that since Jordan LOVES berries, maybe, just maybe, Strawberry Shortcake would work for him AND for everyone else. Although, I had never tried this shortcake before, so you just never know how something will turn out. But it was GREAT! Very delicious! Jordan got half way through his, before he realized he was eating shortcake with his berries. He didn’t spit any out, but must have tired of it 1/2 way through because the rest of his bites, he sucked all of the strawberry sauce off and left the shortcake 🙂 He was quite delighted with his dessert and with getting to blow the candle out!  Even Grandpa had seconds – wow! So here is the recipe should any of you wish to try it. The shortcake recipe is taken from “Special Diet Solutions” by Carol Fenster.


1/2 C. white or brown rice flour

1/4 C. potato starchbirthday-cake-1-15

1/4 C. tapioca flour/starch

1/4 C. sugar (or fructose powder)

1 tsp. agave nectar (or sugar, or honey)

2 tsp. baking powder (aluminum free)

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp xanthan gum

1/4 tsp salt

1 Tbs. egg replacer (by Ener-G)

Sift Dry Ingredients together.

1/4 C. Casein-Free Butter or Oil-based spread. (I use Earth Balance found in the natural/organic cooler section of our local Kroger. It is gluten and dairy free, but does have some soy.)

Combine butter with dry ingredients using pastry blender, knife to initially “cut in”, or rubbing ingredients together with your fingers.

1/3 C.  of this mix: 1 tsp. lemon juice with enough milk (I use almond milk) to equal 1/3 cup.  (Milk options: almond, hemp, coconut, rice, soy, DariFree mix)

Stir just until moistened. Place mixture on greased baking sheet- I lightly pressed it into a cake pan. Compress it as little as possible! It won’t be very thick and it won’t rise much, if at all.

Bake 425 degrees. 20-30 minutes (depending on thickness and pan used) .



2 quarts strawberries chopped/crushed to desired consistency.

Add sweetener to taste.  (I used a combination of sugar, agave nectar, and stevia. Because I like to minimize our refined sugar intake.) 

I use an opened can to chop and crush the berries (Like from canned peaches or something. Use a bottle opener to puncture the bottom so the air pressure can get out and the berries don’t squirt you).

Refrigerate for 1 hour or more.

Top the shortcake with berry sauce just before serving.

Add ice cream if desired. I used organic Coconut Bliss ice cream (dairy, gluten, soy, sugar free). Very good!!

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