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Pardon the delay, I’m quite behind. Jordan turned 3 the beginning of March. It was a very significant day for me. A day we didn’t know if he would survive long enough to see.  Right around 1 year old, when he was allergic to all food except sweet potato (and so bored with it after months of it breakfast, lunch, and dinner that he threw more of it at me than he ate) and my milk just wasn’t meeting all of his needs any more, we were told by the doctor and allergists, that they couldn’t do anything until he was three. My response, “THREE???? He can’t eat anything, he’s not going to live until three at this rate.”  He had fallen from the 90th percentile on height to the 50th percentile, and his weight had fallen to the 5th percentile – not good, but not surprising.

Now two years later, not only did he turn 3, but having fought many a battle between then and now, he is thriving! It was a day of rejoicing and Jordan was excited, eagerly participating and knowing what was happening. It was incredible! Big brother even helped make his almond flour shortcake. Enjoy the snapshots of our miracle day, an incredible gift of God!

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Last I updated, Jordan had hit a plateau and wasn’t going backward, but wasn’t going forward either.  We discovered that gluten has snuck back into his diet in one item that I had been told by a doctor was gluten free. I started to get suspicious as we kept thinking about what was different and contacted the manufacturer to learn that it has cross-contamination from other grains. Three weeks after removing gluten, he started progressing again!!


We hit some roadblocks with chelation too. Jordan was having regular meltdowns whether on or off of the OSR and just couldn’t seem to tolerate either anymore. When I spoke with his doctor they mentioned that either the yeast was flaring up or it could be the toxicity burden in his body is too great.  That triggered a thought in me. I hadn’t noticed any signs of yeast flare up (although it could have certainly still been that) but the body burden made it click in my mind. I had noticed his under eye area being especially puffy and that relates to the kidneys (which are secondary to the liver in the elimination channels of the body) so I put Jordan back on his all natural herbal liver decongesting supplement…and tada more progress in his development, less puffy eyes and after a couple of weeks, he was able to start the chelating agent again and is tolerating it well, actually he’s not just tolerating it but started doing better on it than he was when he was doing off of it.

Heavy metals congest the liver, we’d been working to pull metal out of him since August and although we were using charcoal to bind them and escort them out of his body, his liver still got congested, whether by metals or just general body burden.  Great results with the liver supplement! And on OSR again!

Overall, he is doing just great. So great, I need to make sure not just to go about our lives, but to keep consistent with ALL of his supplements. It’s easy to miss or forget about some nowdays.

He quite regularly comes and gives me hugs just because he wants to. Is doing great socially. He seems pretty normal, still behind in a few areas, but all in all, he is coming along and doing great! When I think of him as more of a 2 1/2 year old instead of a 3 year old, he seems very normal indeed (other than his muscle tone and coordination still being a bit floppy).

Thanks for keeping up! We’re counting our blessings, praising and thanking God for the healing He is bringing in Jordan’s body and mind!

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