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Today we finally begin our journey through Digestive Wellness for Children, every Friday we’ll tackle a bit more of it. It is posted on www.FoodAllergy911.com so come on over and learn with me!

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We went North for 3 weeks. The DAY before we left on the normally 18 hour road trip, Jordan decided he wanted to potty train…and he did!!!  The “18 hour” trip took few additional hours though.

This is an area where I didn’t want to push him.  Due to his resistance to change I knew I would lose if I tried to rush him, so I thought I’d wait for him to  decide. I had thought he was ready, but thought I’d wait until AFTER the trip to add some motivation and awareness.  What I didn’t expect was for him to decide and potty train himself the day before our big trip!

The greatest part is that it’s just another milestone that marks his progess away from autism and toward being neurotypical. Everyday I absob his hugs, revel in his smiles and giggles, delight at his climbing and hanging off things like a monkey, and they all zing straight at my heart with a thankfulness that makes me teary for how incredibly blessed we are . Certainly, it was and still is a lot of work, but considering what his life would be if we hadn’t done it is nearly unthinkable.

So, we are reveling in the joy of it…when we aren’t having a clash of wills and the normal 3 year old battles.  But even that brings joy (afterward) it is so wonderful to know I’m battling his will, shaping and forming his character, and that the tantrums aren’t mostly due to autism and overwhelmed-ness anymore.

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New Blog!

If you follow my blog for health information, it is now moving to www.FoodAllergies911.com. I will continue to maintain this site as a personal blog to update information on our family, Jordan and health as it relates to Jordan and his journey. The new blog will strictly be health information and much less personal updates. So come check out the new space and subscribe to the new blog! I will be doing series of information there such as a journey through Digestive Wellness on Fridays along with other information. Glad to have you following, it’s about to get even better!

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Although I had the best of intentions, I didn’t get started with Digestive Wellness when I wanted to. It was preempted by 3 close family members having TIA’s, cancer, and another with a neurologic disorder, and a trip across the country. So this got put on hold for awhile. Next week we start homeschooling for the first time and I’ve been getting things for that in order. All that to say…

Our trip through Digestive Wellness will start Friday September 3rd! If you want to learn where a majority of illnesses begin, and what you can do about it, come visit on Fridays!

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