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Pardon the delay, I’m quite behind. Jordan turned 3 the beginning of March. It was a very significant day for me. A day we didn’t know if he would survive long enough to see.  Right around 1 year old, when he was allergic to all food except sweet potato (and so bored with it after months of it breakfast, lunch, and dinner that he threw more of it at me than he ate) and my milk just wasn’t meeting all of his needs any more, we were told by the doctor and allergists, that they couldn’t do anything until he was three. My response, “THREE???? He can’t eat anything, he’s not going to live until three at this rate.”  He had fallen from the 90th percentile on height to the 50th percentile, and his weight had fallen to the 5th percentile – not good, but not surprising.

Now two years later, not only did he turn 3, but having fought many a battle between then and now, he is thriving! It was a day of rejoicing and Jordan was excited, eagerly participating and knowing what was happening. It was incredible! Big brother even helped make his almond flour shortcake. Enjoy the snapshots of our miracle day, an incredible gift of God!

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Last I updated, Jordan had hit a plateau and wasn’t going backward, but wasn’t going forward either.  We discovered that gluten has snuck back into his diet in one item that I had been told by a doctor was gluten free. I started to get suspicious as we kept thinking about what was different and contacted the manufacturer to learn that it has cross-contamination from other grains. Three weeks after removing gluten, he started progressing again!!


We hit some roadblocks with chelation too. Jordan was having regular meltdowns whether on or off of the OSR and just couldn’t seem to tolerate either anymore. When I spoke with his doctor they mentioned that either the yeast was flaring up or it could be the toxicity burden in his body is too great.  That triggered a thought in me. I hadn’t noticed any signs of yeast flare up (although it could have certainly still been that) but the body burden made it click in my mind. I had noticed his under eye area being especially puffy and that relates to the kidneys (which are secondary to the liver in the elimination channels of the body) so I put Jordan back on his all natural herbal liver decongesting supplement…and tada more progress in his development, less puffy eyes and after a couple of weeks, he was able to start the chelating agent again and is tolerating it well, actually he’s not just tolerating it but started doing better on it than he was when he was doing off of it.

Heavy metals congest the liver, we’d been working to pull metal out of him since August and although we were using charcoal to bind them and escort them out of his body, his liver still got congested, whether by metals or just general body burden.  Great results with the liver supplement! And on OSR again!

Overall, he is doing just great. So great, I need to make sure not just to go about our lives, but to keep consistent with ALL of his supplements. It’s easy to miss or forget about some nowdays.

He quite regularly comes and gives me hugs just because he wants to. Is doing great socially. He seems pretty normal, still behind in a few areas, but all in all, he is coming along and doing great! When I think of him as more of a 2 1/2 year old instead of a 3 year old, he seems very normal indeed (other than his muscle tone and coordination still being a bit floppy).

Thanks for keeping up! We’re counting our blessings, praising and thanking God for the healing He is bringing in Jordan’s body and mind!

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Discovering stingrays!

Jordan progressed an amazing amount between September and the end of December.  January was a different story. Nothing bad, nothing great. But no progress. When progress slows or stops, I start questioning what is different. What we have added to his diet that may be affecting him, what we have forgotten to keep in his diet or regimen of supplements that may be causing it, what point he is at in his treatment – when one issue is resolved, another will often present itself, as we “peel back the layers” of his health issues. So, maybe we’ve resolved some yeast and heavy metal issues and revealed some viral or parasite issue?  All these things go through my mind – repeatedly. And I turn detective again trying to figure it out.

We saw his neuro doctor (Dr. R) today, and I came away encouraged. He, obviously, knows way more about the brain and it’s development than I do (most of what I know of the brain, I learned from him).  He saw a couple of things in Jordan that I hadn’t counted as particularly significant, like using imagination as he took a toy lizard, changed his voice, and began a pretend interaction with the toy snake I was holding 🙂  He also mentioned how the brain will grow and learn, then may step back a bit and go, “Hmm” and let things settle a bit, before advancing again (ok, so that might not be the scientific explanation).

Tonight as I was reflecting on Jordan and his progress, or lack thereof, and was recalling Josiah’s progress in his first couple years. I remembered how it seemed that Josiah would go through developmental spurts, where he would progress a lot, and then his developement seemed to slow for awhile, until he would hit another developmental growth spurt.

Maybe I’m getting a little too used to monitoring every single detail of Jordan’s diet, development, supplements, vitamins, socialness, fussiness, motor control, etc.  Maybe sometimes something doesn’t have to be wrong or need to be changed when development slows a little.  Now I’m not stopping – we’re still consulting with the nutritional and detox doctor again in two weeks and we’ll be doing the new brain exercises for this month from the neuro doctor, and I’ve already redoubled our efforts on his diet and supplements, removing a couple things we had allowed to creep in.  But, I am breathing a little easier and find myself taking a nice big sigh, relaxing, and putting away my detective badge for tonight. Taking a moment, or a few, to enjoy and reflect on how far he’s come. A bad day now is still 1,000 times better than a good day one year ago!

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Jordan has been on OSR for one month now. OSR is an antioxident that is quite potent, but gentle as well, and is specific to chelating (pulling out of the body) heavy metals. It is fat soluable rather than water soluable (all other chelators are water soluable). This allows it to get INTO the cell AND cross the blood brain barrier to get metals out of the brain! The best part – it’s rates a zero on the toxicity scale. So, it’s very safe.

So my son who is ultra sensitive to everything…like put sunscreen on him one day and he’s in meltdown for 2 days, has been on OSR for 4 weeks. The last week got a bit bumpy and he started overreacting (aka meltdown) to things like big brother looking at him cross-eyed, so we took him off the OSR to give his body a break for a week or two before he goes back on it.

A recap of our first month on OSR.I didn’t notice any remarkable differences nothing changed from one day to the next. There was no WOW experience…until we got to the end of the month and I looked back. This month he progressed very quickly in his speech and cognition, and evened out in his behavior/emotional reactions significantly. So much so that I’m able to tell others that he’s a normal 2 1/2 year old now (excepting his diet, of course)!!! This month he arrived at his age appropriate level of speech and was “kicked out” of speech therapy!

One week the speech therapist was here and said he didn’t need to continue anymore, because he was basically age-appropriate except for 3 things that he should be added soon at this age, but that most kids struggle with a little more:  1) “I” to his vocabulary 2) something else, I forget what it was 3) colors (but that often they can take substantially longer before they are incorporated in vocabulary). His case manager was here the next week and mentioned the great news as well as the slight concern of the speech therapist and I was like, oh, ya, he’s has 2 of those 3 things now. He uses “I” regularly and appropriately, and whatever the other category of speech was he was all caught up on too. So, the only thing he doesn’t have yet is colors and I’m not worried about that, it’ll come when he’s good and ready…he doesn’t seem to care about colors just yet. It was fun to see those things added so quickly and so thoroughly! One week those things were lacking, the very next week they were so incorporated into his vocabulary I had forgotten they were new 🙂

As far as his behavior and meltdowns, we can pretty much go anywhere and do anything. It’s fun to be out of the house and visiting parks, playgrounds, stores, or the zoo. All things that were unthinkable until the last several months. And now he’s off and running, discovering, and investigating – and running back to tell me about it or drag me over to see it 🙂

He’s a normal 2 1/2 year old – with the exception of his diet, supplements, and supersonic hearing. He still has aways to go in his body being fully healed, but he’s getting there slowly but surely and the OSR is speeding him along that path!

Today was Day #2 off of OSR and WOW what a difference this morning. I had an appointment this morning and when I returned (this is important because he’s not much of a morning person, so he had time to wake up while I was out) he would not stop talking! He wanted to tell me about everything I had missed while I was away, ask me about everything – I had stopped at the store on the way home and he wanted to know what EVERYTHING was. A few months ago when the talking was so rare, I never thought I’d tire of his talking, and him being curious and desiring to learn is still a little bit new, and exhilarating. For the barest moment I started to bristle , all that nonstop talking – I was trying to put the groceries away and he was underfoot, pointing to things, asking me about everything, wanting to tell me about his morning, etc – anyway, the moment I started to bristle, I smiled and had the purest most wonderful joy. He was talking – nonstop (except for when patiently awaiting an answer to his question “What’s that?”)! Ten months ago he could not point to something he wanted much less say mama or dada. His only way to communicate was a scream and I had to figure out what it meant. Ten months, and here I am conversing with him – unbelievable. Miraculous. God’s incredible… 1) To choose to bless me this way, the gift of truly being able to know my son, sharing life with him and he with me  2) The healing He has brought to this little one’s brain and body. Yes, I started to bristle, then smiled, slowed down, and wonderfully soaked up the joy of conversing with my 2 year old and helping him learn about the curiosities of the world around him!

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Jordan Graduated!

As of Thursday, Jordan has been kicked out of speech therapy…he has caught up to his age-appropriate level!!! Wahoo!!!

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Quick update on Jordan’s progress. It’s been a month and a half since the new doctor and his new supplements protocol was supposed to start. After being much discouraged because NONE of the supplements from the new doctor will enter beyond Jordan’s lips (and it’s two months between appointments), I went searching – on my own again 🙂  I came across a supplement called Liver Life.

Liver Life, it is made by BioRay and is the precursor to the chelating (pulls heavy metals from the body) supplement NDF and NDF+, which we’ll probably try at a later date when he’s ready for it. It is an herbal tincture and is designed to decongest the liver, allowing acids and toxins to drain from the body (opening Phase I and Phase II detoxification pathways). That’s why this is a precursor to chelation. It’s not wise to start pulling metals out of the tissues until the body can efficiently eliminate them! Liver Life also helps to regulate the acid/alkaline balance in the body and decrease certain types of allergy reaction.

Jordan has been on it for 2 weeks now. After the 3rd day on it we saw some great improvements. He is more alert, understands more about what is going on around him, follows conversations some, is adding words to his vocabulary more, and in the last couple of days has started adding connecting words!  This is very exciting. When Jordan started on the prescription anti-fungals (he was only on them for a month before I discontinued them) he lost all his connecting words and they haven’t come back. He had been saying things like, “I fell down” or “Here you go, Mommy” as he handed me something, but since the prescription anti-fungals and subsequent regaining of the language he lost while on them, he now says things like, “fall bump head hurts” or “sitting truck” instead of “sitting on the truck.” It’s been 3 months since he’s been totally off anti-fungals and the connector words hadn’t come back. But in the last couple days, I’ve heard “on” “in” and “the”!!! He also has a new twinkle in his eye and has lost some of that sullen puppy dog look he’s had most of his life!  Exciting times here, hopeful with the possibilities for the new supplements. They are all natural, appear to be effective, and Jordan can’t even taste it in his juice! We’ll see what the new doctor has to say about the new supplement I added next week when we consult – yikes.Jordan and hair sticking up_edited-1

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Jordan on his new-to-him bed, that he still hasn't slept in.

Jordan on his new-to-him bed, that he still hasn't slept in.

 Yesterday Jordan climbed up on my lap, sat up straight, looked up at me and smiled, looked around the room, at his dad and brother, and grinned at me again. I was talking with Jonathan, smiled down at Jordan, and kept talking with Jonathan. I kept looking between Jordan and Jonathan as I talked. Jordan just sat there, content as could be smiling and looking around. Something seemed odd to me, but I was talking and didn’t stop to think about it or really even notice, it was just a vague feeling – something was odd. Then it hit me. Jordan, was sitting on my lap – nothing new there, he’s clung to me for dear life for 2 years. That’s what was odd – he wasn’t clinging. He wasn’t fearful. He wasn’t in pain. He wasn’t sullen. He didn’t NEED me. He was just enjoying being near me. He wasn’t demanding anything of me – no attention or comfort or desperation. Just sitting on my leg while I talked with Jonathan. Could this be my boy? What a change! This was a first. He’s 26 months old. First time he’s been happy to be near me, but not needed me. Relaxed. No tension. No crisis. Not dependent. That’s new. That’s exciting. That’s a relief.  Of course, we won’t experience this everyday. But getting to experience it once was great and gives us hope for the future, that it will happen again, and more frequently.

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